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Hello! I'm Radu.

I’ve been working online and remotely for over 8 years, mainly with WordPress.

In 2019, I started diving into web development, which I really like and always wanted to learn. If I could, I'd go through all the development languages that are out there. 😀

Here are some of my projects that are worth mentioning:

  • calendar iconSold In August 2014, I launched ThemeSkills.com, which offered WordPress services and guides.
  • calendar iconIn December 2018, I launched WebStoked.com, where I write posts about pretty much everything web-related.
  • calendar iconSold In July 2019, I launched WPFlunky.com, which recommended different WordPress products based on budget.
  • calendar iconIn December 2019, I launched WPSiteIcons.com, which lets you create free WordPress site icons.


After so many years working with websites, I developed different skills; some because I needed to, some because I wanted to.

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No. I have web development knowledge but not with WordPress, which has its own ecosystem. I only work with what WordPress, themes, and plugins have to offer.

I only work with WordPress.org. There's a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

I know HTML, CSS, and PHP. For design, I mainly rely on the Bootstrap framework.

Unless it's a small and simple project, no. You can always contact me and ask.

Know a Bit More About Me

Personal facts

  • I can’t work without listening to music. I prefer 80s-90s songs.
  • I can’t remember the last time I had a normal sleeping schedule.
  • I like watching movies, tv shows, and documentaries whenever I have time.
  • I like learning new things.
  • I'm friendly and helpful.
  • I’m not a fan of workarounds. I either fix something or try to fix until I run out of options.

Work-related facts

  • I work a lot.
  • I always try to implement best practices.
  • I pay a lot of attention even to the smallest detail, which can be a good thing, as well as a bad thing because I can spend a lot of time sometimes.
  • I like to provide quality work, not just to satisfy my clients, but myself as well. I feel good when I know that I created something of quality.
  • I provide great support. I actually read everything that my clients write/ask me and provide comprehensive answers. I don’t zigzag quickly through a message and then answer to 2 out of 5 questions, as most support reps do.

I’m on Twitter @RaduWP